2023 SGHC & atd23 Review

ATD23 Review

本屆ATD論壇內容以 ATD23 發表的議題為主,學習領域以 ATD人 才發展能力模型的能力為架構,建構人才發展人員的專業能力及組織能力,專業能力如:教學職涯與領導力發展學習評估與分析學習技術學習科學培訓執行;組織能力如:人才策略與未來準管理學習職能內容以實戰經驗,會議精華及實務應用為主。希望透過本論壇,在新時代所面臨的諸多挑戰中,找出關鍵作法與策略建議。

ATD23 Review將邀請國際菁英與參加年會的專家進行分享,康士藤本次派出兩位優秀的顧問講師參與講座,歡迎各位夥伴一起來進行交流。




講師:康士藤首席顧問 史法蘭(Frances)





講師:康士藤人才發展設計總監 盧立軒(Estella)


2023 SGHC & atd23 Review

ATD23 Review

The content of this year’s ATD Forum is mainly based on the topics presented at ATD23 , and the learning areas are structured by the capabilities of the ATD Talent Development Competency Model, and the professional and organizational competencies of talent development personnel are constructed, such as:teachingestablishplanCareer & LeadershipdevelopLearning Assessment & AnalysisLearn technologyLearn sciencetraining execution;Organizational skills such as:Talent strategy withtubereasonFuture-proofpreparedegreeManage the learning functionThe content is based on practical experience, conference essence and practical application. Through this forum, we hope to find out the key practices and strategic suggestions among the many challenges faced by the new era.

ATD23 Review will invite international elites to share with experts participating in the annual meeting, and Kang Shiteng will send two excellent consultant lecturers to participate in the lecture, and welcome all partners to communicate together.

◎Taipei Session-

Time: 6/27 (Tue) 09:00~17:00

Venue: Institute of Human Resource Development, General Office of Personnel, Administrative Body

Lecturer: Frances, Chief Consultant of Kang Shiteng

Theme: Organizational Mobility and Cohesive Leadership in the Face of Disruption and Change

◎Hsinchu Field-

Time: 6/29 (Thu) 09:00~17:00

Venue: Bamboo Conference Center

Lecturer: Estella, Director of Talent Development and Design at Kangsteng

Theme: Post-epidemic New Atmosphere: Create a Better Work and Development Environment

Registration information: https://www.atdtw.org/activity/4/32