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Innovation|Let the frame change from a solid line to a dotted line

In the face of uncertainty and rapid change in the future, innovative thinking is indeed an important ability to face organizational transformation or change. Innovation allows people to think in multiple ways to solve problems or create greater value, and innovation that creates corporate value is precisely because the problem solved is the right problem. This forum emphasized the perspective of innovative thinking to look at the problems encountered by organizations today.

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Organizational power|Create an organizational culture that can retain talents

Estella Lo has many years of practical experience in the corporate industry across various departments, from the back end to the front end of the organization, leading the implementation of a number of strategic projects in the Asia Pacific region, while building a solid and rich consulting talent. He is now a full-time senior talent development consultant and lecturer, assisting enterprises in the field of human resource development to plan and implement various talent development projects, including consultants, training courses, coaching, etc. His specialties include management leadership programs, responsible leadership and workers, organizational culture building, functional and talent development programs, business strategy, and corporate coaching.

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Brand power|Unstoppable brand charm

Brand power refers to the influence and popularity that a business has in the market, as well as the trust and loyalty of customers to the brand. Brand power can be built through a good brand image, product quality, and service quality. In today’s business environment, brand power is an important factor for companies to stand out from the competition. Companies with a strong brand can more easily attract new customers and retain existing ones, resulting in consistent revenue growth.

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Emotional intelligence|Let emotions be transformed into emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence refers to a leader’s ability to cope with relationships, emotions, and stress.

In a business environment, leaders need to have a high level of emotional intelligence to effectively manage and coach their teams to deal with challenges and difficulties. Emotional intelligence can help leaders build good relationships and trust, improve communication efficiency, and promote teamwork to achieve business goals.

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Resilience | Eat Luffy’s Rubber Fruit

Resilience refers to people’s ability to stand firm in their beliefs, cope with problems, and recover from setbacks, difficulties, and stress. The pressures and challenges faced by leaders are enormous, and they need to be resilient to adjust their emotions, maintain stability, and find solutions to their problems. Resilient leaders are better able to respond to challenges and changes, making teams more stable and efficient.

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Digital Power | From Extra to Survival

Digital power includes the ability to apply emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things to optimize business models, innovate products and services, and improve efficiency. In today’s business environment, digital power has evolved from a bonus item to a necessity for business survival. It empowers businesses with the ability to innovate, be flexible, and efficient, making them stand out in a competitive environment. Therefore, companies should actively invest in and develop digital capabilities and incorporate them into their strategic planning to ensure future success and sustainable competitive advantage.

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Strategy | Evergreen strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is the basis for improving the overall strength of the enterprise, and these forces support each other to form a comprehensive capability system to improve the competitiveness and sustainable development of the enterprise. Through the development of strategies, companies can better respond to market changes, increase market share and increase corporate value.

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Leadership that combines rigidity and softness Preview&2022 Forum Highlights

The purpose of this forum is to provide a platform for academic experts and industry leaders to have in-depth exchanges and discussions on the topic of leadership that combines rigidity and flexibility. Through the sharing of theoretical and practical experience, we will discuss how to maintain competitive advantage and sustainable development in the face of market upheaval and change. At the same time, the forum also aims to promote cross-border cooperation in different fields, further promote innovation and collaboration, stimulate creativity and innovation, and jointly create a better future.

The theme of this year’s forum is The Power of Rigidity and Softness: The Second Cross-Border Leadership Forum. The two parallel sessions of the forum are “rigid” and “soft”, covering the hard power and soft power of enterprises. Among them, the rigid part mainly focuses on the company’s digital power, brand power and innovation power, while the soft part focuses on the leader’s emotional intelligence, resilience and organizational (cultural) power. These two sessions will be accompanied by a strategic presentation.

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2022 Leadership Behavior and Practical Work from Psychology|Forum Highlights

Over the years, he has specialized in leadership education and training, and has strategically formed an alliance with the Taiwan Business Psychology Association (TAIOP) to develop a number of assessment tools. At the end of 2022, we co-hosted a leadership forum. From the theoretical and practical experience of the academic community, the leadership characteristics are cut into the shortening gap between learning and application, and the integration model of leadership theory and behavior is stimulated.

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【Knowing Yourself and Knowing Your Enemy: Leadership Behavior and Practical Work from the Perspective of Psychology】 Cross-border Forum

Kangshiteng Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and the Taiwan Society of Business Psychology jointly held an in-depth dialogue on leadership behavior and practical work based on the empirical research of domestic business psychology experts and scholars. Use theories to prove practical applications, and verify the effectiveness of theories from practical cases. Let leadership no longer be a theory, but also have operational methods and tools to show effective leadership.

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