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TRIZ 創新式問題分析與解決

TRIZ's innovative problem analysis and solving

TRIZ Innovative Problem Analysing and Solving

No longer envy others to be more creative

The troubles of problem analysis and solution are well known to Kang Shiteng

  • In order to design a product that meets the customer’s needs, have you spent a lot of time understanding the customer’s needs, and have exhausted various methods to analyze, design, re-analyze, and re-design, but you still can’t design a product that meets the customer’s needs?
  • Is it clear that you have already put effort into analyzing the problem and finding a solution, but solving one problem will create another problem, and it seems that there is an endless problem and you don’t know how to implement the design and improve?

What is TRIZ?

TRIZ is an acronym for Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch in Russian, which is a method that enhances creative energy and expands innovative thinking, mainly by systematically using the wisdom of predecessors and disciplines to solve problems. It can systematically lead us to think outside the box and expand innovative thinking.

Through 40 innovation principles, we can simply discover, observe and analyze the application in life, and understand how to comprehensively use TRIZ tools to solve technical problems or shorten the innovation and research and development cycle by comprehensively using TRIZ tools to solve problems. Samsung, LG, Intel, Siemens, General Electric (GE) and others have all made great efforts to promote Ingenuity, and have obtained a large number of innovative products, patented inventions and financial benefits.

Who needs to get on TRIZ?

  • R&D designers are used to break through product design bottlenecks and improve patent opportunities.
  • Process personnel are used to develop and improve production.
  • Scholars and experts use it to find research topics and break through research bottlenecks.
  • It is used by patent engineers to circumvent or develop patents
  • Those who have a strong interest in innovative thinking and want to strengthen their ability to innovate.

When do I need to take TRIZ?

  • When a product needs to be optimized or broken through
  • When the process needs to be improved
  • When experts need to break through the research bottleneck in research
  • When developing patents
TRIZ 創新式問題分析與解決

TRIZ Course Benefits

Course Advantages and Features

Innovative thinking Get out of the trap of systemic contradictions

Find out the contradictions

System Logic and Thinking

Enterprise competitiveness

TRIZ can quickly discover the essence or contradiction of the problem, analyze the problem with new vision, carry out systematic thinking, technical deduction and predict the future development trend, and assist the enterprise to solve the existing unsolved problems, but also can develop competitive products.

TRIZ innovative invention principle and its practical case of application,
It will help R&D personnel to find out quickly
effective technical problem solving,
Dramatically reduce time to resolution.

How does TRIZ work?

Jumping out of inertia and using innovation is to analyze and solve problems, eliminate the contradictions in the problems, and find solutions to develop competitive products for enterprises.

Course Outline

Course outline

  • Identify the blind spots of engineers when thinking about problem points
  • Get rid of inertia and change the angle to the final ideal solution to solve the problem
  • An introduction to resource theory and how to apply it in combination with the final ideal solution
  • Think about the things (resources) available in the surrounding environment in a logical and systematic way, so as to break the psychological inertia and use the resources that have not yet been used to solve problems
  • Understand the root causes behind difficult problems and the directions in which they can be solved
  • How to transform the existing problems into problems that can be analyzed by technical contradictions
  • How to analyze the technical contradictions and find out the conceptual direction that can be solved
  • Understand the principles and laws of solving 40 kinds of technical contradictions
  • Explain what a physical contradiction is
  • Understand when to use physical contradictions
  • The four separation principles for solving physical contradictions
  • Find out the contradictions in the system, identify the problems you want to solve, and propose possible solutions through the principle of contradictions

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