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“Resilience Highlights Review” Online Sharing (Video)

In an era where change is the norm, leaders need to have both strong and soft leadership to meet challenges.

On August 26, Kang Shiteng and the Taiwan Business Psychology Association jointly held a cross-border forum, with the theme of combining the two aspects of strength and flexibility, which brought countless inspirations to the guests.

In particular, the Resilience session was undoubtedly a journey of self-awareness and insight, inspiring us on how to maintain stable leadership in a changing world.

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15 minutes to quickly master [B2B sales tactics] (video)

Can you find out the characteristics of the product, but can you form a customer interest point?
Do you understand what your customers really want?
In the face of a competitive market, do you have what it takes to help customers gather information, evaluate their choices, and make smart purchases?
Do you struggle to meet the needs of your customers, but also want to inspire them?
Can you use strategic thinking to sell?

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15 minutes to take you to quickly understand [coaching leadership] (video)

As a supervisor, building a good sense of psychological safety when leading a team is essential to improve the performance and morale of your subordinates. Especially at the ATD (Talent Development Association) Annual Meeting, which just ended in May this year, we saw an increasing focus on the importance of psychological safety.

“Psychological safety” refers to an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable expressing themselves and being themselves. More specifically, people feel comfortable sharing concerns and mistakes at work without fear of embarrassment or punishment, or more simply, team members are more willing to contribute ideas and ideas without fear of being punished, humiliated, or retaliated against by leaders or others for offering new ideas, asking questions, or pointing out missing points in the organization.

Coaching leadership is a leadership style that emphasizes guiding and supporting the growth of team members, which can effectively increase the psychological safety of subordinates. In order to delve deeper into this topic, we invited a senior consultant of Kongsteng Management Consultants and also a coach of coaches, Ms. Luo Yujuan, to share her views and experiences.

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2022 Leadership Behavior and Practical Work from Psychology|Forum Highlights

Over the years, he has specialized in leadership education and training, and has strategically formed an alliance with the Taiwan Business Psychology Association (TAIOP) to develop a number of assessment tools. At the end of 2022, we co-hosted a leadership forum. From the theoretical and practical experience of the academic community, the leadership characteristics are cut into the shortening gap between learning and application, and the integration model of leadership theory and behavior is stimulated.

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Hand in hand into the VUCA era|Create the brilliant value of the team (video)

As the global pandemic heats up, what is the value and significance of teams in such an uncertain and fast-changing VUCA era?

On the other hand, it is precisely because of the advent of the VUCA era that your capabilities and value are more easily visible. The rapidly changing environment and development have made class mobility more frequent, and ability has replaced status as the new value standard.

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