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Redefine the impact of supervisors' leadership behaviors


KANGSHITEN Assessment Center X Taiwan Society of Business Psychology (TAIOP)

Collaborative development of leadership behaviors for Chinese culture. Based on the leadership characteristics of global corporate executives, the five major aspects are unified, and the multi-dimensional questionnaire measures to show the leadership behavior in three dimensions. Accurately diagnose the development orientation of supervisors, calibrate leadership behaviors, and develop project training plans

Distress about the presentation of leadership behavior
Kang Shiteng knows it

  • Is what you think is consistent with what others have observed?
  • If you feel that your supervisor is doing a good job, how can you have an objective standard to measure it?
  • In addition to functional evaluation, what else can be used as a reference for promotion and development?
  • How do you predict job satisfaction, job self-efficacy, organizational commitment, emotional exhaustion, and supervisor performance in this team?

Features of the LBI Leadership Behavior Indicator Scale

  • Through 30 questions depicting leadership behaviors, the five major aspects of a leader’s leadership are measured.
  • Using 90-180 degree multi-angle measurement, it provides a complete assessment of leadership behavior.
  • Provide professional advice on personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Paired with follow-up training programs, the leadership behavior of supervisors is further developed.

5 facets

Master the five major aspects of leadership behavior and depict the behavior of supervisors

Lead by example


Together, the vision

a Shared Vision

Challenging the status quo

the Process

Prompt action

Others to

Motivate others


Multi-angle measurement

Ensure that the results and responses are “anonymous” and not related to individual performance

Testing process

Measurement process

  • Each assessee is required to invite 1 supervisor and at least 3 subordinates who have worked together for more than three months to conduct a multi-dimensional assessment
  • Inaugural Meeting
  • Assessment briefing
  • System faces

Fill in the online assessment

1. Maintain the smooth operation of the system

2. Regularly track the status of the fill-in

3. Send reminder letters

4. Close the answering system after the deadline

  • Report production
  • Report interpretation meeting
  • Corporate Briefings

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