Workplace communication

TCA 部署發展與指導

TCA Deployment Development
with guidance

TCA Subordinate Development and Guiding

Subordinate ability training to teach students according to their aptitude

For the trouble of cultivating subordinates, Kang Shiteng knows it

  • Is the communication between supervisors and subordinates often out of focus?
  • Does the supervisor only give advice and not care about the status of the subordinates?
  • Can the supervisor teach according to the aptitude and give appropriate guidance according to the personal situation of the subordinates?
  • Is the supervisor unable to apply the workplace communication skills courses he has learned in practice?

What is
TCA Subordinate Development and Guidance?

TCA Subordinate Development and Guidance is developed by Kongsteng, which allows supervisors to learn how to face common subordinate communication difficulties and analyze subordinate types through the simple four steps of T (goal/objective) C (clarifying/collecting problems) A (consensus plan) A (action), as well as the ability-motivation matrix, and construct correct management concepts through practical case studies, strengthen the use of communication techniques through practical cases, effectively and quickly communicate with subordinates, focus, Reaching a consensus is more able to bring people and hearts.

Who needs to be on
TCA Subordinate Development and Guidance?

  • New supervisors
  • I don’t know how to deal with organizational interpersonal problems
  • A supervisor who can give advice and guidance but is not a good listener
  • I’ve taken a lot of courses but don’t know how to implement them in my organization
  • There is a need for an effective communication process in the workplace that can communicate instructions in a simple and clear manner
  • As long as there are interpersonal relationships, workplace communication problems, and subordinate guidance needs, it can be applied!

When you need to get on
TCA Subordinate Development and Guidance?

  • Upward Communication: Task Returns
  • Parallel (inter-departmental) communication: development of projects, cross-departmental collaboration
  • Downward communication: performance interview, goal management, task assignment, team building

TCA Subordinate Development and
Guiding the effectiveness of the course

Course Advantages and Features

distinct Communication and individualized teaching leadership,
in order to make the subordinates follow from the heart

Kong Shi Teng exclusive
The most practical mode of communication

Customized cases and practical exercises

Fast Process module application

Kang Shi Teng TCA subordinate development and guidance, teach you to use the TCA process, step by step to guide the subordinates to see the problem,
Lock the subject for communication and focus.

What you need, not for an obedient employee,
Rather, through the development and guidance of TCA's subordinates,
Find the difficulties of your subordinates and communicate them effectively to achieve high performance!

TCA Subordinate Development and
How does the guidance work?

Course Outline

Course outline

  • Learn the mindset that a supervisor needs to have

  • From managing oneself to managing others

  • Identify goals, clarify issues, build consensus, and catalyse action

  • Concrete feedback and clear matters throughout the communication process

  • Through the competency dynamics matrix, understand the quadrant to which the subordinates belong

  • Evaluate appropriate communication and coaching strategies

  • Based on the four common leadership scenarios: mistakes, obstacles, challenges and crises, the questions are designed to measure the supervisor’s leadership style (DLS) and give suggestions for the optimization of the supervisor’s leadership behavior

  • Guidance on listening, questioning and response skills

  • Attentive observation, asking good questions, and effective communication skills

  • Role-play that is close to real situations

  • Break through leadership blind spots and strengthen learning effectiveness

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