The Power of Responding to All Calls|Master the essential traits of a leader

Acknowledging that leadership is the style of the leader itself can create followers, and a good leader must have this kind of charm and style. Professor Jiang Dingyu elaborated on the characteristics of leaders and how to generate the influence of identity leaders from Social Identity Theory. Yang Baichuan, the chief of ethics, took Xinyi Housing as an example to explain how to cultivate leadership skills in terms of system and education and training.

Let emotions create leadership advantages|Talking about emotional management and leadership effectiveness

In the workplace, in addition to professional ability, more important is the ability to manage emotions. Because the workplace is always collaborating with others to achieve goals, management and leadership are an extension of interpersonal relationships. In dealing with others, from self-awareness to empathy for others, let emotions create workplace advantages. Chairman Zhang Tingwei pointed out that emotional intelligence is mainly reflected in three levels: initiative, win-win thinking and knowing each other.

A customized solution provider with strategic thinking

The core spirit of Kongsteng is “to create and enrich the value of others”, based on this belief, we have a comprehensive human resources solution, with a complete strategic thinking, and a customized model, to become a strategic partner of human resources partners. From the perspective of strategic thinking, we help enterprises successfully enter the transformation, whether it is second-generation succession, revenue growth, industrial transformation or internal start-ups, our rich experience and strong team are the best choice for your organizational transformation.

2023 Konsteng Strategic Planning Consensus Camp Highlights |

As an expert in strategic planning, Kang Shiteng holds a strategic consensus camp every year to build consensus and produce strategic goals. With the rapid changes in the market and environment, the importance of the strategic planning course lies in planning and managing the next development steps of the organization, formulating a comprehensive layout according to the strategic goals, formulating action guidelines, and achieving the mission and vision with team consensus.

Entrepreneurial Leadership|Understand the leadership behaviors and motivations of entrepreneurs

Over the years, Professor Cheng has focused on organizational development (OD), through action research, most notably PHILIPS and Xinyi House. Xinyi Housing is an important case, in two months, the organizational culture was defined and the way to implement the organizational culture was formulated. Over the years, Professor Cheng believes that organizational culture is closely related to the characteristics of entrepreneurs themselves. From leadership change at the beginning, to change leadership in the face of challenges, and finally to enterprise transformation that follows the trend. Entrepreneurship is a kind of self-realization, but also to promote oneself and others, and help the people through the world.

2022 Leadership Behavior and Practical Work from Psychology|Forum Highlights

Over the years, he has specialized in leadership education and training, and has strategically formed an alliance with the Taiwan Business Psychology Association (TAIOP) to develop a number of assessment tools. At the end of 2022, we co-hosted a leadership forum. From the theoretical and practical experience of the academic community, the leadership characteristics are cut into the shortening gap between learning and application, and the integration model of leadership theory and behavior is stimulated.

2022 ATD Asia Pacific Annual Meeting Event Highlights |

With the advent of the digital wave, companies have introduced a large number of equipment and tools to accelerate the production and marketing operation process. After the digital wave recedes, when digital transformation becomes a daily life, people-oriented, human-based leadership is gradually revealing the importance of “keeping the same in the face of change”. Transformation is a journey, and what leaders need to do is to lead the organization to shape a culture of responsibility and lead humanity to a development mentality. In digital transformation, human leadership remains constant.

2022 ATD Asia Pacific Annual Conference|9 Days, 10 Progressive Humanity Leaders

The 2022 ATD Talent Development Association Asia Pacific Annual Conference will be held on November 2-3 in Hall 2 of Nangang Exhibition Center. We will continue to exhibit at booth 9-10 and bring a keynote speech on human leadership. In the age of science and technology, in a rapidly changing world, human nature is the only constant. Manage the stewards, and the leaders manage the people. Only by human leadership can we retain good talents and build a “technology” company with warmth.

Human resources statement of work unboxing article (2) | Master the purpose of training | Annual education and training planning

For the training units within the enterprise or organization, the highlight of each year is the annual education and training plan. How to plan the annual training course? Can the training needs survey method really effectively cultivate the talents that the organization needs? Only by grasping the ultimate goal of the training plan can the results of the training be achieved.