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2023 [Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy] Cross-border Forum - Leadership with Rigidity and Flexibility

Through the sharing of theoretical and practical experience, we will discuss how to maintain competitive advantage and sustainable development in the face of market upheaval and change.

The two parallel sessions of the forum are "rigid" and "soft", covering the hard power and soft power of enterprises.


2022 [Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy] Cross-border Forum - Talking about Leadership Behavior and Practical Work from Psychology

Effective leadership is the key to knowing oneself and knowing one's opponent

Leadership is to lead people with hearts, pay equal attention to process and results, and people and things in parallel
It is always people who get things done, because only by grasping people's hearts and understanding human nature can they exert influence
Human nature has something in common, knowing oneself and knowing one's opponent, and self-awareness can motivate others and exert influence effectively