Teach TCA according to aptitude| Communication Strategies for Building High-Performing Teams | Highlights of the lecture in the south of the human resources gathering

In the management team, the role of the supervisor is not only to be the leader, but also to be a good communicator. Through effective communication, supervisors can grasp the capabilities and motivation of their subordinates, and provide appropriate guidance and support for different situations, so as to lead the growth of subordinates and improve team performance. Therefore, we have specially organized this event with the theme of “Teaching TCA according to aptitude|”. Communication Strategies for Building High-Performance Teams” will not only explore how supervisors can provide appropriate guidance and support according to the competencies and motivations of their subordinates, but also provide practical exercises to help you apply what you have learned, improve your communication skills and effectively guide your subordinates to grow.

【Effective Communication| Conflict Management] (video)

There are endless tug-of-war in the workplace, haven’t you gotten tired of it?
The rapidly changing business environment relies on rapid collaboration across departments.
We are on the same TEAM
Roger, a master communicator, has more than 15 years of experience in the field of human resource management, with many years of experience in management practice and experiential teaching design and leadership.
An hour to lay a good foundation for communication and teamwork.

Elements of Effective Communication and Presentation Skills in the Workplace (5) | Utilize the probe guide | Improve your presentation skills

What should you do if your subordinates can’t draw inferences, are not proactive enough, and sometimes feel good about themselves? Master TCA, a set of communication skills tools, to effectively improve your communication dilemma with your subordinates. Through the exploration of guided conversation skills, questions are used to gather information, guide reflection, and promote improvement.