The 2nd Cross-border Forum on Knowing Yourself and Knowing Your Opponent’s Leadership – Leadership with Rigidity and Softness

The purpose of this forum is to provide a platform for academic experts and industry leaders to have in-depth exchanges and discussions on the topic of leadership that combines rigidity and flexibility. Through the sharing of theoretical and practical experience, we will discuss how to maintain competitive advantage and sustainable development in the face of market upheaval and change. At the same time, the forum also aims to promote cross-border cooperation in different fields, further promote innovation and collaboration, stimulate creativity and innovation, and jointly create a better future.

The theme of this year’s forum is The Power of Rigidity and Softness: The Second Cross-Border Leadership Forum. The two parallel sessions of the forum are “rigid” and “soft”, covering the hard power and soft power of enterprises. Among them, the rigid part mainly focuses on the company’s digital power, brand power and innovation power, while the soft part focuses on the leader’s emotional intelligence, resilience and organizational (cultural) power. These two sessions will be accompanied by a strategic presentation.

【Knowing Yourself and Knowing Your Enemy: Leadership Behavior and Practical Work from the Perspective of Psychology】 Cross-border Forum

Kangshiteng Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and the Taiwan Society of Business Psychology jointly held an in-depth dialogue on leadership behavior and practical work based on the empirical research of domestic business psychology experts and scholars. Use theories to prove practical applications, and verify the effectiveness of theories from practical cases. Let leadership no longer be a theory, but also have operational methods and tools to show effective leadership.