Strategic management


Strategic Objectives Expanded

Strategic Objectives Development

After the strategy is formed, the action is carried out to effectively connect the previous and the next

The troubles of the development of strategic goals, Kang Shiteng knows

  • Clearly set a strategy, but when you develop policies and plans, do you drop the ball?
  • The strategy is ideal, but not sure if the organization is capable of achieving it now?
  • Every department has met the target, but is it embarrassing to find that the company’s strategic goals have not been achieved?

What is
Strategic Goal Expansion?

The focus of the development of strategic objectives is to connect the previous and the next, which is the process of forming specific action plans according to the strategic objectives after the enterprise outputs the strategic objectives. During the period, it is necessary for each department to continuously clarify the understanding of the strategic objectives and reach the final consensus, and ensure that each department does undertake the output of the action plan and complete the organizational strategic goals in the division of labor.

Who needs to be on
Strategic Goal Expansion?

  • Middle- and high-level managers develop strategies and launch action plans
  • Key personnel involved in the setting of departmental goals

When you need to get on
Strategic Goal Expansion?

  • After the annual strategy is clarified, specific goals are set and action plans are launched
  • When setting annual targets, ensure that all action plans have been undertaken by the relevant departments.
  • Departments communicate the priority of resource allocation across departments

Strategic Objectives Expanded
Course benefits

Course Advantages and Features

The head is straight and the body is straight, The right goal unfolds is the key to the achievement of the strategy

Logical combing Clarify organizational strategy

Skip the course and practice

Commercially oriented to ensure the landing

In addition to setting KPIs, the course also returns to the source to clarify the strategic direction of the organization, through the clear clarification of the strategic direction, combined with the communication between various departments, to ensure that the organizational strategy will not drop the ball in the process of developing the action plan.

Through a comprehensive clarification of the organization's goals and current situation,
Develop a concrete and feasible course of action

Strategic Objectives Expanded
How does it work?

Through the clarification of the company’s business strategic goals, the organization’s specific action plan for the future can be fully developed.

Course Outline

Course outline

  • Starting from the aspect of strategy 9, think about the overall operation of the company

  • Think about the goals of the organization in conjunction with the direction of business operations
    • Evaluate the behavioral and professional competencies of supervisors and subordinates that need to be strengthened
    • Evaluate the three dimensions of organizational culture
  • Elevate the mindset of goal setting
  • Understand the connection between goal setting and performance management

  • Transform the strategic direction into departmental objectives and implement them downward
    • Target expansion
    • KPI setting principle
    • SMART principles

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