International accreditation assessment

International accreditation assessment

International Certification Assessment Tool


From the individual to the comprehensive diagnosis of the enterprise, the Kangshiteng evaluation system hopes to become the beacon of the enterprise and clear the fog of the direction of talent development.

For individuals

  • Do you know what your natural traits can give you?
    And how do you build on your strengths and avoid weaknesses where personality traits can make you jump through the cracks at work or in relationships?
  • In your daily work with your supervisor and peers, how do you deal with people with completely different personalities from you?
    And how to effectively communicate and cooperate with people of all personalities?

For organizations

  • There are hundreds of assessments on the market, returning to the organizational strategy and demand side, which assessment is most suitable for the current state of the organization and employees?
  • There are different assessment tools for different projects, do you know the differences between them and how to use them?
  • Are supervisors aware of their blind spots when faced with management issues, or do they blindly rely on rules of thumb to deal with subordinate issues?
  • Can we use rational assessment tools to help supervisors face up to reality, use quantitative indicators to deeply understand themselves, and effectively eliminate management blind spots?
  • After the evaluation results are released, I don’t know how to connect with the daily work, or in the process of connection, I always feel that I am stuck, and the final assessment is only in the form of a report?

International accreditation assessment

An external perspective that determines who you are

Explore yourself deeply and unleash your potential

Grasp personality types and develop communication strategies


What is Hogan?

The Hogan assessment is the first personality measurement tool specifically for business organizations.

It can understand how individuals are evaluated in the eyes of others and predict behavioral performance, and stimulate leaders’ strengths, abilities, and self-awareness of their performance abilities that affect their limitations.


Features of Hogan

  • Developed for those who are working in commercial organizations
  • Discover your strengths and potentials, and identify your core values and drivers
  • Improve performance and reduce attrition
  • Identify potential causes of deviation from organizational goals and potential risks of poor performance
  • Understand your team’s roles and the strengths and weaknesses of your team


What can be seen?


Lumina Spark

What is Lumina Spark?

Lumina Spark can help companies gain a deeper understanding of their underlying traits and communication styles in a short period of time.

什麼是Lumina Spark?

Features of Lumina Spark:

  • 4 archetypes of scientific logic – 8 dimensions – 24 traits – 3 states (professional version) to establish a common language of organization.
  • Get rid of the misunderstanding of directly classifying or labeling talents in the past, and analyze the advantages and blind spots in a three-dimensional and objective manner.
  • Through the interpretation of professional consultants, it can be used in conjunction with organizational functions.
  • In-depth analysis of leadership and communication styles, which can provide a rich reference for the organization’s required staffing, team building, succession planning, transfer/promotion considerations, etc.

Lumina Spark architecture

Lumina Spark 架構


What is DISC?

The DISC personality trait assessment is a personality test widely used in domestic and foreign enterprises, which describes people according to four measurement dimensions: dominance (D), influence (I), stability (S) and obedience (C), and is used to measure, evaluate and help people improve their behavior patterns, interpersonal relationships, work performance, teamwork, leadership style, etc.


Features of DISC:

  • Applicable to business leaders/directors and human resource partners
  • Examine and evaluate the differences in personality types between oneself and others in interpersonal communication, and formulate ways to respond
  • Improve interactive behavior, interpersonal relationships, job performance, teamwork, leadership style, and more
  • Improve management and communication skills

The four forms of DISC


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