Words from the General Manager



In the past, when I was a senior executive in the industry, I always felt that I was missing a corner in the planning and design of training courses. Although Global’s consulting company has solid theory and training design, it is not localized enough; although the lecturers in Taiwan/Chinese mainland have rich practical experience, the logical structure of the course is not rigorous enough, and it has been reduced to a variety show of “a lot of storytelling/experience sharing”.

I’ve been thinking about the fact that “curriculum localization” and “curriculum systematization” can’t be both?!

So, in 2010, with the drive and enthusiasm of knowledge transfer, I left the industry where I had been in the industry for more than 10 years, and co-founded “Kangshiteng Management Consulting Co., Ltd.” with a group of consultants with rich practical experience in the industry, as well as professional, energetic and like-minded working partners.

Over the years, it has continued to be supported and affirmed by partners in the business community, and the courses of Kangsiteng have grown at a multiple rate every year and have a certain reputation. I am proud to say that our courses are characterized by in-depth clarification of training needs before the course, the use of assessment resources and consultants to diagnose, and the proposal of customized & systematic training design. In the class, practical scenarios are practiced to strengthen the practice. Discussions are led by experienced lecturers in the industry, effectively linking theory and practice. Extended learning after class, with homework, form tools and back-up tutorials, to ensure that the value of theory can bloom in practice.

In addition to our insistence on the course structure, we have also broken away from the traditional “broker” image of the management industry, and instead created a deep and long-term “partnership” with our carefully selected group of lecturers/consultants. It allows the lecturer group to prepare lessons together with the professional team to ensure that the courses are “precise” and “concrete” under a highly structured foundation. Kangsiteng has always adhered to the belief of “creating and enriching the value of others” to keep pace with the times, and firmly believe that our achievements come from perfecting the corporate value puzzle. We never stop dreaming and innovating, and continue to stand on the wave of trends based on profound industry practices, introducing international high-quality courseware and highly localizing, optimizing content and developing new courses.

We extract knowledge, build high-performance teams and leadership, and build organizational consensus for cultural transformation. Not only to convey beliefs to customers, but also to promote and practice within the organization.

We invite you to become a strategic partner of “Creation/Wealth of Value”, grow together and meet the vision of the future.