Leadership in Lingyue

The Leadership Challenge

Leading others to create value together

For the troubles of leadership, Kang Shiteng knows it

  • Do you often feel “ineffective” in leadership training?
  • How do you help your subordinates dispel the fog in the face of an uncertain outlook, and how do you evoke the power of a shared vision?
  • Looking back at the past, discovering themes, and imagining the future, how do you spark imagination?
  • Is the supervisor aware of self-leadership behavior?
  • How to improve the overall execution ability of the team?
  • Can the company’s corporate culture be implemented at work?
  • Can leaders keep innovating and learning in the face of high goals?

What is Lingyue Leadership?

Based on the theory of leadership biblical exemplary leadership, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner have studied leadership topics for more than 20 years, and summarized the five major leadership behaviors that excellent leaders must haveAssessment, through which the current situation of personal leadership is understood, and then the interaction and dialogue are used as the main axis of the course to induce the intrinsic value of the leader, and the leadership theory is transformed into concrete action.

Who needs leadership?

  • Business executives
  • Business succession planning
  • Entrepreneurs, business operators
  • Those who want to improve their self-worth and break through the status quo

When you need to get on
Leading the way?

  • Companies need to train their successors and lead the critical leadership of the talent pool
  • Enterprises need to cultivate phased leadership echelon talents
  • Individuals want to increase their self-commitment and step out of their comfort zone
  • Influential executives are needed

Leadership in Lingyue
Course benefits

Course Advantages and Features

Jump management The level of "art". to redefine impact

There are traces of the practice of governing leadership

multi-dimensional evaluation,
Clarify the current state of personal leadership

Master the five dimensions of leadership behavior

Through classroom exercises and practical assignments, it is applied to model leadership, five practical essentials and ten commitments

Let leadership know and do
More specific, exemplary, hands-on leadership courses

Leadership in Lingyue
How does it work?

Through leadership development, we will build the correct management thinking of supervisors, lead partners to adjust and change the right behaviors, promote the company to move towards the right goals, and form a good company culture to implement the company’s change projects.

Course Outline

Course outline

  • Why is leadership training often “ineffective”?
  • The most admired leadership trait surveys, cross-cultural comparisons, and company measurements
  • When it comes and goes, walking the talk is paramount: DWYSYWD
  • What do leaders often say? Find your VOICE
  • How can we help people dispel the fog even when the outlook is unclear?
  • Looking back at the past, discovering themes, and imagining the future, how do you spark imagination?
  • How to inspire others when the vision is declared?
  • The four dimensions of challenging old habits: attitude, plan, operation, and risk
  • The idea of challenging old habits
  • Based on the Kubler-Ross transition cycle
  • Boost Powerful
  • Five journeys of high-performing teams
  • The four principles that motivate people: expect the best, individualized affirmation, celebrate collectively, and set an example

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