Workplace communication


Cross-departmental communication

Effective Cross-Function Communication

Break the dilemma of the gray area and face the road of win-win

For the trouble of cross-departmental communication, Kang Shiteng knows it

  • Tasks require cross-departmental communication and collaboration, do you know what methods can be used to facilitate effective communication?
  • In a positionalist or hierarchical organization, do you know where to start?
  • Cross-sector cooperation involves departmental interests, do you understand how to find common goals, promote empathy, and achieve a win-win situation?

What is cross-departmental communication?

Cross-departmental communication is due to the fact that each department or each position has different characteristics and responsibilities, which leads to communication gaps and unsmoothness. Through the course, we can clarify the goals/objectives and find the right communication methods to facilitate smooth communication and better cross-departmental cooperation.

Who needs to communicate across departments?

  • There is a supervisor on the project who needs to work across units
  • A project manager or product manager who needs to integrate front-end and back-end resources
  • Executives in the enterprise
  • Mid-level and junior executives who need to be promoted continuously

When you need to get on
Cross-departmental communication?

  • When there is a need to facilitate cross-departmental communication and resource coordination
  • When a cross-team task is assigned on an ad hoc basis
  • When an organization’s end goal requires the collaboration of numerous departments to accomplish
  • When it is necessary to rely on resources from other departments in order to accomplish the organization’s key objectives
  • When a task arises that cannot be completed by a single organization

Cross-departmental communication
Course benefits

Course Advantages and Features

Good cross-departmental communication is: Use words that the other person can understand Reach consensus

Look for common goals

Communicate effectively


Through cross-departmental communication, we analyze the positions and interests of each department in a more rational way, and achieve a consensus on inter-departmental cooperation through easy-to-understand communication processes and soft skills.

Through easy-to-understand communication processes and soft skills,
Reach a consensus on inter-departmental cooperation.

Cross-departmental communication
How does it work?


Course Outline

Course outline

  • What are the cross-sectoral conflicts and challenges that are prone to arise?
  • Differences in communication and command
  • Statement of Facts or Clarification Persuasion
  • Sources of conflict
  • Tools and methods to avoid automated thinking
  • Clarify actions and benefits
  • Identity: empathy for others
  • Probing: Ask questions to grasp the other person’s thoughts
  • Advice: Give advice to promote mutual agreement
  • TCA Communication Process:
    • >Target
    • Clarification and collection of problems>
    • Agree on the alignment of plans and actions>
    • >Action
  • Cross-departmental scenario simulation: Customized cases according to needs
  • Emotional ABC
  • Four options for grammar and exercises

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