General aptitude test

General aptitude test


Doing the right thing in the right place


KANGSHITEN Assessment Center X Taiwan Society of Business Psychology (TAIOP)

In addition to manual review in the battle for talents, coupled with more accurate tools, one of the basis for judgment is taken as the basis for ability, so as to increase the learning ability and adaptability of talents in their positions in the future.

As for the troubles of how to find the right talent, Kang Shiteng knows it

  • Academic qualifications are not equal to ability, and the increasingly depreciating academic qualifications can really be used as the only screening criteria?
  • Is talent scarcity a real issue or a fake issue?
  • How do you know that the resume you have brushed off is not a real talent?

Five dimensions and applicable categories

Memory ability

Suitable for engagements that require quick memory
The use of ephemeral records of the nature of work

Administrative/General Affairs/Legal Affairs
Business/Human Resources
Customer service/store/business/trade

Language comprehension

Suitable for engaging in a lot of words that require a lot of vocabulary use with
The nature of the work of writing is used

Customer service/store/business/trade
Administrative/General Affairs/Legal Affairs
Business/Human Resources
Text/Media Jobs


Suitable for engaging in numerical reasoning that often requires or
The nature of the work of the measurement calculation is used

R&D related categories
Manufacturing/quality control/sanitation
Accounting/Finance Major

Mathematical calculations

Suitable for engaging in abstract thinking
The nature of the work of logical calculus is used

Accounting/Finance Major
Information software system class
R&D related categories
Marketing/Planning/Project Management

Spatial perception

Suitable for engaging in the need for space ability with
The nature of the work of programming is used

R&D related categories
Medical/health care services
Communication Arts/Design
Operational/technical/maintenance classes

Testing process

Measurement process

Choose two groups of people with good and poor performance in the organization as the norm

The reference norms of each job are analyzed according to the norm model

Competency assessment

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