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Team Building

Team building is the key to building high-performing teams, and its theoretical foundation is based on five elements: trust-building, managing conflict, commitment, accountability, and results-focused. Teams are made up of individuals, and everyone has human weaknesses that we are targeting. Through different indoor and outdoor activities, we can learn more about each other, promote trust building, and resolve conflict management issues.

At the same time, we encourage our team members to commit to achieving their goals and take responsibility to ensure the end result. In order for the team to develop positive attitudes and behaviors, we analyze and solve problems through hierarchies and structures.

Kang Shiteng believes that only a team that can unite and cooperate and trust each other can achieve excellent results. Therefore, Kongsten’s team building program aims to establish a culture of openness, mutual trust, sharing and learning for team members through a series of experiential activities and analysis. Through these activities, team members can learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which can lead to better collaboration. Our approach focuses not only on the development of the individual, but also on the development of the whole team.