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People work together and the foundation is evergreen

Talent enthusiasm and vitality

In the collaboration of each organization/team, it is like a puzzle, and there will inevitably be gaps and dysfunctions, and VINE hopes to be your strongest backing in the development of organizational talents. VINE also promises to be like a vine’s strong vitality, accompanied by the foundation, sustainable and evergreen.

Practice first

We believe that training can only be valuable if it is closely integrated with work practice, and our consultants/lecturers are all from the practical industry in various fields and have rich practical experience, and can respond to the practical problems of the participants in the course in the most direct way, rather than using “theory to explain theory”.

We extract the key learning points of complex academic theories, structured modules, and tools that can be implemented, so that they can be used immediately.

Kang Shiteng also requires that every class can be “after the students leave the classroom, it is the beginning of practice“, and without having to open the lecture notes to review, they can easily apply what they have learned, create performance, and achieve results.

Simple Theory Practical Tips Ready-to-learn

Integrity of training

Motivation, skill, implementation. The perfect trilogy of customization

  1. Professional Requirements (KSA) clarification and dismantling
  2. Appropriate teaching content and teaching methods
  3. Integrate into the three steps of curriculum design: motivation, skills, and implementation

Kang Shi Teng management
Advisory Group

  • Kongsteng Management Consultants Limited

  • Beijing Kang Shi Teng Management Consulting

  • Transcent Consultants Limited

  • Kangsiteng Evaluation Center

Founded in 2010, it provides corporate education training courses and consultant counseling, and internalizes theories through practical exercises, so that the knowledge brought away can be effectively used in the workplace

In 2018, Kangshiteng Management Consulting Company was established and an office was set up in Beijing

Transa Consulting Co., Ltd. creates open class courses based on corporate in-house training specifications to provide “personalized” and “diversified” learning needs

In 2021, we cooperated with the Taiwan Society of Business Psychology (TAIOP) to strengthen the applicability of the scale, improve the objectivity of multiple assessments, and combine solid theory and practical application

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The professional team of Kangsiteng Group


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