2024 Konsteng Strategic Planning Consensus Camp Highlights

策略共識營 大合照

Expert in strategic planning

Every year, we hold a Strategic Consensus Camp to review the results of the previous year’s actions and build consensus for the next year’s course of action. The validation of strategic planning theory within the company is a strong asset and represents our commitment to providing high-quality, effective solutions. This culture of continuous learning and improvement ensures that customers receive the best possible service and keeps them ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market.

This year, we went to Sunshine Green Building in Dongshan Township, Yilan on 1/15~17, and we were in a natural environment, which not only allowed team members to relax and develop their minds, but also felt the beauty of nature and inspired them. The Strategy Consensus Camp not only helps to set annual goals and adjust strategy development, but also promotes team cohesion and creativity, laying a solid foundation for the development of the new year.

Why do you need a strategy meeting?

Strategy meetings are one of the key steps in an organization’s development process, providing an opportunity to review and align the organization’s goals and strategies, and to ensure that the organization’s direction aligns with changes in the environment.

When an organization is facing challenges such as transformation, it is important to have a strategy meeting that provides a comprehensive review of the organization’s resources, strengths, and challenges, and the development of corresponding countermeasures and action plans. Through strategy sessions, organizations can be more agile in responding to change, staying competitive and achieving goals.

Before the strategy meeting

The partners all wrote down their expectations before the meeting to help them have a common goal and provide a clear direction to guide discussions and decisions.

In addition, we also take advantage of the rare moments of togetherness to show our gratitude and love for each other through handshakes and hugs, which not only strengthens the emotional connection between team members, but also builds a deeper level of trust and cooperation.

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The process of strategic planning

The three-day Strategic Consensus Camp was moderated by Ming as the guide to the important process of consensus building.

In the beginning, we shared our experiences and feelings over the past year, including sweet successes and difficult challenges, and the process made us better understand each other’s situations and open up our blind spots and be open to uplifting and affirming feedback. This process of communication and consensus building lays a solid foundation for the next strategy discussion and convergence.

Next, we outline what the team wants to achieve in the medium to long term through a key action vision map, not only by pointing out the goals, timelines, but also by thinking about how to achieve them.

While the full day of the strategic planning session was a bit exhausting, everyone was rewarded and the enthusiastic discussion was a testament to the effectiveness and engagement of the tool.

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In addition, assessment, marketing, IT, …… and other departments, and also conducted the convergence in 2023 at the meeting, and reported to everyone on the preparations and plans for the jump in 2024.

Cross-departmental communication allows us to provide more effective support and assistance, achieve transparency and real-time communication, and thus build a good collaborative relationship.

The successful growth of Kangsten over the years fully demonstrates the excellent practices and achievements of our strategic planning and management.

Constance 2024 Strategy Theme – Jump

Born out of the fire, the phoenix transforms, symbolizing that the enterprise has experienced difficulties and surpassed challenges.

“Leap” is the theme of this year’s Kang Shi Teng, and we look forward to working with you to join hands like a phoenix rising after a fire, leaping with more powerful power and flying high again.

In order to surpass ourselves, we continue to improve ourselves, provide newer and better services and courses, and grow together with you!

We have professional and experienced consultants, who can establish a CT consultant training mechanism for individual clients to assist enterprises in developing exclusive and customized strategic development blueprints.

If you have a need for strategic thinking, strategic goals, strategic consensus camps, etc., we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional strategic planning solutions to help you achieve your organization’s goals and vision.

2024 策略主題 躍升