Only by prescribing the right medicine can we gradually improve the team’s problems and build an effective team

To build an effective team, you must first identify the team problems. Often, the root cause of a problem in team building is not the problem itself. First of all, we must have a correct understanding, and the right medicine is not to solve the problem supervisor or personnel, but to face and co-create with the team. In addition, improvement in team symptoms requires a sustained demonstration of behavior, which cannot be seen immediately. You can see each other through team activities and challenges, gradually develop a different team atmosphere, and create real and lasting change.

Elements of Improving Team Performance and Teamwork | Breaking the barn effect | Focus on results

The purpose of the establishment of the company is to set its goals and vision, and continue to recruit good people to join in the business process, and achieve the desired results through professional division of labor and effective collaboration. However, when the members of the team focus on their own or the department’s self-interest, it will lead to ignoring the overall goals and results of the team, which will invisibly produce the department’s standard and cause a barn effect. Mr. Yang Gongmao took Sony as an example to illustrate and put forward solutions to improve team performance and teamwork.

Hand in hand into the VUCA era|Create the brilliant value of the team (video)

As the global pandemic heats up, what is the value and significance of teams in such an uncertain and fast-changing VUCA era?

On the other hand, it is precisely because of the advent of the VUCA era that your capabilities and value are more easily visible. The rapidly changing environment and development have made class mobility more frequent, and ability has replaced status as the new value standard.