Competencies of a Leader (5) | The Power to Motivate | Use DISC to analyse interpersonal styles

The purpose of motivating others is to encourage them to repeat positive behaviors, so that all good behaviors and results can be sustained, and then become a positive cycle. However, due to the different inner needs of each person, the motivation method should also be different, so that the beauty of motivating others can have the greatest effect. Make good use of DISC test results for analysis and master interpersonal styles to achieve effective motivation.

Competencies of a Leader (4) | Out-of-the-box leadership | Dare to challenge the status quo

What leadership traits and abilities do successful leaders need to have?Analyze the examples of excellent leaders in the past, otherwise we will find that excellent leaders have the ability to challenge the status quo, and an excellent leader can not only lead by example, but also lead subordinates to break through the framework, challenge themselves, and finally lead the team to accumulate small victories in exchange for big victories, and become a high-performance team.

Elements of Effective Communication and Presentation Skills in the Workplace (5) | Utilize the probe guide | Improve your presentation skills

What should you do if your subordinates can’t draw inferences, are not proactive enough, and sometimes feel good about themselves? Master TCA, a set of communication skills tools, to effectively improve your communication dilemma with your subordinates. Through the exploration of guided conversation skills, questions are used to gather information, guide reflection, and promote improvement.