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Enterprise DNA 2.0

Enterprises are the same as people, only with a strong DNA can survive in the natural law of natural selection, and only an enterprise with a strong DNA can survive under the tests of the cycle of prosperity, technological changes, and the entry of competitors, and then continue to operate sustainably.

On the basis of the predecessors, Kang Shiteng upgraded the [Enterprise DNA] model to [Enterprise DNA 2.0], and redefined the enterprise DNA with two major aspects and four major projects. Through the talent assessment center, accurate diagnosis is carried out, and the four major programs of strategic thinking, management skills, responsible implementation and solution, and leadership are calibrated and adjusted, so as to help build a high-quality enterprise with the two physiques of “smart organization” and “healthy team”, and create and enrich the value of people.


Any business or organization that wants to succeed must have two basic conditions:



Smart organization

In a narrow sense, it refers to the ability to “do things” such as strategy, design thinking, project management, and general skills necessary for the workplace, and in a broad sense, it also includes finance, marketing, technology and other fields, covering the basic principles of business, operating logic and technical skills.

Wellness team

It refers to the absence of political wrangling, clear rules, high morale, high productivity, and low turnover rates of excellent employees. Including culture, performance, leadership, team building, communication, recruitment, and other “people” capabilities.

The infinity symbol, representing the problem-solving orientation of Constance Vine,Through the integration and customization of lecturers and courses

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Through the integration and circulation of smart organizations and healthy teams,

the organization can effectively cultivate and shape the core competitiveness of the enterprise

and shape the best corporate culture

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