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【In the same boat】Management course experience activities

How can supervisors with different abilities and speeds but the same goals put aside their self-centeredness and coordinate and motivate each other?

The R&D team of Kangsiteng has carefully designed and assisted enterprises to build a solid team and create the experience of “community of life” through the experience activities of dragon boat crossing and the professional team guidance of lecturers, so that partners can support each other and undertake together when they return to the workplace, so as to achieve an efficient team.

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2024 Konsteng Strategic Planning Consensus Camp Highlights

The strategic consensus camp held annually by Constance is a strong asset to the company’s ongoing internal validation of strategic planning theories, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality, effective solutions. This culture of continuous learning and improvement not only ensures that customers receive the best possible service, but also enables Consis to stay ahead of the competition in the market.

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B2B Inside Sales Tactics Everyone Should Learn | Human Resources Gathering Central Lecture Highlights

Kang Shiteng and HR Xiaoju once again joined hands to hold a seminar on “B2B Internal Sales Tactics Everyone Should Learn” in the Chinese Heart Conference Room in Taiwan on December 9, which is not only applicable to business people, but also to all you who need to communicate effectively in the workplace, which can help you better understand “customers” and build long-term relationships.

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In the process of course promotion, the company did not do a good job of gatekeeping, so that there was a mistake in the information of the lecturer on the non-Kang Shi Teng website, resulting in the loss of Mr. Shi Farlan’s reputation. For not doing a good job of the role of overseer, Kang Shitou apologizes for this.

At present, the partner has been asked to remove the incorrect webpage from the shelves as soon as possible, and the other party has also been asked to correct the wrong information in order to correct the public.
In the future, all the staff of Kangsten will also fulfill the role of gatekeepers, and must convey the correct information to protect the rights and interests of all cooperative teachers and partners.

It is hereby declared

Kang Shiteng general manager Zhou Youmin

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“Resilience Highlights Review” Online Sharing (Video)

In an era where change is the norm, leaders need to have both strong and soft leadership to meet challenges.

On August 26, Kang Shiteng and the Taiwan Business Psychology Association jointly held a cross-border forum, with the theme of combining the two aspects of strength and flexibility, which brought countless inspirations to the guests.

In particular, the Resilience session was undoubtedly a journey of self-awareness and insight, inspiring us on how to maintain stable leadership in a changing world.

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National Taiwan University Department of Psychology speech sharing tidbits

On 10/31 (Tue), Estella, Director of Talent Development of Estella, was invited back to his alma mater as a senior sister of National Taiwan University to give a lecture and share the relationship between the management and consulting industry to the younger students, and let the younger students understand why enterprises need to manage and care for them, and how to win the favor of enterprises

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Key Elements of Strategic Planning | G2 Taichung Machinery II Association lecture highlights

Enterprise development cannot only stay in the present, long-term goals and planning are indispensable. However, how to develop an effective and feasible development roadmap for the company is a dilemma faced by many enterprises. In order to effectively think and plan the company’s development strategy for 3-5 years, it is necessary not only to consider the existing operating conditions, but also to understand the dynamic changes in the market environment and competitors. A comprehensive strategic plan needs to comprehensively consider a number of key elements to find the company’s advantages and opportunities, determine the company’s future development direction, and put forward corresponding development strategies.

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15 minutes to quickly master [B2B sales tactics] (video)

Can you find out the characteristics of the product, but can you form a customer interest point?
Do you understand what your customers really want?
In the face of a competitive market, do you have what it takes to help customers gather information, evaluate their choices, and make smart purchases?
Do you struggle to meet the needs of your customers, but also want to inspire them?
Can you use strategic thinking to sell?

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15 minutes to take you to quickly understand [coaching leadership] (video)

As a supervisor, building a good sense of psychological safety when leading a team is essential to improve the performance and morale of your subordinates. Especially at the ATD (Talent Development Association) Annual Meeting, which just ended in May this year, we saw an increasing focus on the importance of psychological safety.

“Psychological safety” refers to an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable expressing themselves and being themselves. More specifically, people feel comfortable sharing concerns and mistakes at work without fear of embarrassment or punishment, or more simply, team members are more willing to contribute ideas and ideas without fear of being punished, humiliated, or retaliated against by leaders or others for offering new ideas, asking questions, or pointing out missing points in the organization.

Coaching leadership is a leadership style that emphasizes guiding and supporting the growth of team members, which can effectively increase the psychological safety of subordinates. In order to delve deeper into this topic, we invited a senior consultant of Kongsteng Management Consultants and also a coach of coaches, Ms. Luo Yujuan, to share her views and experiences.

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Innovation|Let the frame change from a solid line to a dotted line

In the face of uncertainty and rapid change in the future, innovative thinking is indeed an important ability to face organizational transformation or change. Innovation allows people to think in multiple ways to solve problems or create greater value, and innovation that creates corporate value is precisely because the problem solved is the right problem. This forum emphasized the perspective of innovative thinking to look at the problems encountered by organizations today.

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