15 minutes to take you to quickly understand [coaching leadership] (video)

How can coaching leaders help employees feel more psychologically safe?

As a supervisor, building a good sense of psychological safety when leading a team is essential to improve the performance and morale of your subordinates. Especially at the ATD (Talent Development Association) Annual Meeting, which just ended in May this year, we saw an increasing focus on the importance of psychological safety.

“Psychological safety” refers to an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable expressing themselves and being themselves. More specifically, people feel comfortable sharing concerns and mistakes at work without fear of embarrassment or punishment, or more simply, team members are more willing to contribute ideas and ideas without fear of being punished, humiliated, or retaliated against by leaders or others for offering new ideas, asking questions, or pointing out missing points in the organization.

Coaching leadership
is a leadership style that emphasizes guiding and supporting the growth of team members, which can effectively increase the psychological safety of subordinates. In order to delve deeper into this topic, we invited a senior consultant of Kongsteng Management Consultants and also a coach of coaches, Ms. Luo Yujuan, to share her views and experiences.