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Coaching leadership

Anyone with experience in organizational leadership will agree that the “people” problem should be solved in order to solve the “problem”.

The humanistic coaching model believes that people’s beliefs affect people’s behavior, and people’s behavior affects people’s results.

People should develop in a balanced way in terms of knowledge, technology, mentality and belief in order to become outstanding talents.

However, when nurturing subordinates, can supervisors pay attention to both the inside and outside of their subordinates?

A complete person must be both internal and external, from the inside to the outside, harmonious and unified.

Therefore, the ability of the subordinates is the foundation, and the mentality is the key!

In the face of capable subordinates, how to give the stage and help them reach new heights?

In the face of subordinates whose motivation needs to be strengthened, how can they lead and reduce the interference that affects them?

How to figure out what the purpose of subordinates is through coaching leadership, and what kind of mentality do they have?

And how to motivate subordinates to adjust their mentality and find solutions and tools to solve problems by themselves?

Through “OPERA”, let the subordinates “choose” themselves to continue to pursue excellence on the road of growth!

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TCA Deployment Development & Guidance

TCA Subordinate Development and Guidance is developed by Kongsteng, which allows supervisors to learn how to face common subordinate communication difficulties and analyze subordinate types through the simple four steps of T (goal/objective) C (clarifying/collecting problems) A (consensus plan) A (action), as well as the ability-motivation matrix, and construct a correct management concept through practical case studies, strengthen the use of communication techniques through practical cases, effectively and quickly communicate, focus, and reach a consensus with subordinates, and be more able to lead people and hearts.

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Leadership in Lingyue

Based on the theory of leadership biblical exemplary leadership, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner have studied leadership topics for more than 20 years, and summarized the five major leadership behaviors that excellent leaders must have. To motivate action and motivate others, the curriculum design incorporates the Chinese Leadership Behavior Index (LBI) assessment, which allows us to understand the current situation of personal leadership, and then uses interaction and dialogue as the main axis of the course to induce the intrinsic value of leaders and translate leadership theories into concrete actions and practices.

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TRIZ’s innovative problem analysis and solving

TRIZ is an acronym for Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch in Russian, which is a method that enhances creative energy and expands innovative thinking, mainly by systematically using the wisdom of predecessors and disciplines to solve problems. It can systematically lead us to think outside the box and expand innovative thinking.

Through 40 innovation principles, we can simply discover, observe and analyze the application in life, and understand how to comprehensively use TRIZ tools to solve technical problems or shorten the innovation and research and development cycle by comprehensively using TRIZ tools to solve problems. Samsung, LG, Intel, Siemens, General Electric (GE) and others have all made great efforts to promote Ingenuity, and have obtained a large number of innovative products, patented inventions and financial benefits.

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B2B sales strategy and consultative selling

B2B sales strategy and consultative sales refers to the sales staff for the market, external environment, competitive environment to do a comprehensive examination and integration, generate sales strategy, at the same time product introduction, at the same time, the use of analysis, execution, creativity, persuasion ability to complete customer requirements, and foresee the future needs of customers, put forward positive suggestions of the sales method.

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Strategic thinking

The best investment in strategic combination, ability improvement, entrepreneurship and innovation!The strategic thinking course plan of Kongsteng uses the Business Model Canvas and other auxiliary tools to assist the organization to expand and layout the market, learn strategic planning methods and tools, the market changes rapidly, the organization pursues transformation, and forms a specific action plan. The high-level meeting provides the common language of the supervisors, and the communication is quick and focused, and the consensus is reached. Strategy & Execution closes the perception gap, communicates effectively and initiates action plans.

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Strategic Objectives Expanded

The focus of the development of strategic objectives is to connect the previous and the next, which is the process of forming specific action plans according to the strategic objectives after the enterprise outputs the strategic objectives. During the period, it is necessary for each department to continuously clarify the understanding of the strategic objectives and reach the final consensus, and ensure that each department does undertake the output of the action plan and complete the organizational strategic goals in the division of labor.

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A customized solution provider with strategic thinking

The core spirit of Kongsteng is “to create and enrich the value of others”, based on this belief, we have a comprehensive human resources solution, with a complete strategic thinking, and a customized model, to become a strategic partner of human resources partners. From the perspective of strategic thinking, we help enterprises successfully enter the transformation, whether it is second-generation succession, revenue growth, industrial transformation or internal start-ups, our rich experience and strong team are the best choice for your organizational transformation.

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2023 Konsteng Strategic Planning Consensus Camp Highlights |

As an expert in strategic planning, Kang Shiteng holds a strategic consensus camp every year to build consensus and produce strategic goals. With the rapid changes in the market and environment, the importance of the strategic planning course lies in planning and managing the next development steps of the organization, formulating a comprehensive layout according to the strategic goals, formulating action guidelines, and achieving the mission and vision with team consensus.

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