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Recruitment interviews

Recruiting Interview
  • The war for talent has begun
  • Three tricks to easily understand recruitment

Kang Shiteng knows all about the troubles of recruitment interviews

  • There are hundreds of talents, do you know what kind of talent the company is looking for?
  • The company selects talents, and talents are also selecting companies, has the company thought about the highlights and strategic layout of attracting talents?
  • Good subjects were identified, but were the “best people” the “best fit”?
  • How do you ask the right questions and find out what the subjects really think and what personality traits are behind them?
  • Even if the interview is very pleasant, how to ensure the arrival of talents and grasp the effective actions of talents?

What is a Recruitment Interview?

Recruitment interview is how managers recruit suitable candidates in the interview, construct a complete talent specification according to the current situation and needs of the organization, screen out suitable talents, and finally find out the talents who are truly suitable for the organization through the actual interview process.

Who can be tested
Work Values Fit Scale?

  • Employing supervisors of various departments of the enterprise
  • The Human Resources department recruits business-related personnel
  • Accompanied by senior colleagues in the interview
  • Head of Human Resources
  • Those who are interested in this course

When you need to get on
Recruitment interview?

  • The war for talent has begun, and companies need to win the opportunity
  • Develop feasible and specific talent specifications based on the needs and current situation of the organization
  • It is necessary to filter out effective information in the vast sea of information
  • It is desirable to have proficient interview skills to help the supervisor ask the correct questions

Recruitment interviews
Course benefits

Assessment Advantages and Features

In the era of talent competition, you have found the right one person Is it so?

Establish talent specifications

Make a bold assumption
Set interview questions

Structured behavioural interviews

Do you believe it?Recruitment is well done, and the company has no worries! How to sift through resumes, how to use interview skills, How to ask questions correctly, how to check credit, How to filter out effective information in the vast sea of information to help judge the suitability of talents?

From the clarification of requirements to the selection of functional characteristics
Interview skills practice, which can be effectively integrated with the organization's future goals, Kang Shiteng will take you step by step to produce the right talent prescription.

How will the recruitment interview be conducted?

Establish talent specifications

Curriculum vitae review

Structured behavioural interviews

Corresponding to the company’s organizational strategy

Clarify the specifications of talents

Make a bold assumption

Set interview questions

Be careful to verify

Collect examples of behavior

Course Outline

Course outline

  • Recruitment interviews have an important impact on the company, team, members and subordinates
  • What are the common types of questions and topics that have been asked in recruitment interviews in the past?
  • Talent strategy should be aligned with organizational strategy to support organizational strategy and achieve organizational goals
  • Clearly define organizational strategies, key talent strategies and plans, and talent specifications
  • Diversified talent selection mode
  • Science and technology talent selection model
  • Forward-looking talent selection model
  • Analyze interpersonal style
  • Differences in communication patterns
  • Build a diverse team
  • Work Values Fit Scale
    • The suitability of the interview can be judged before the interview, and the first stage is to eliminate the obvious unsuitable candidates
    • Identifying like-minded talent in your organization reduces turnover and retention
    • Selection of high-potential talents who align with the company’s values
  • General aptitude test
    • A candidate’s learning ability can be quickly determined before the interview
    • You want to anticipate the future development of the candidate before the interview

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