Briefing makeup

Increase productivity and increase favorability

Beautify the design and communicate effectively

Workplace briefings are always full of information and data.

I don't know how to condense the complex information to be clear?

Don't know how to design a chart to focus?

Presentation makeup will effectively help you increase the beauty of your design and give people a comfortable look.

PowerPoint 9 types of learning blueprints

Systematic teaching does not get lost

95% of the slides are nothing more than the following 9 categories,

Practical case studies will be used to help summarize the types of presentations.

Supplemented by design points, establish a systematic learning blueprint.

Let you quickly attract the attention of the audience in the workplace.

The actual operation in the class, the results of the before and after comparison are immediate

Segmented analysis of practical cases

Taking practical design as a case, directly point out the problem, and analyze the design principles and software functions.

Revise step by step to deepen the impression of learning.